Monday, July 31, 2017

Now There are Forty!

The Krause Farm, owned by Forest Hills Farms, LLC, is # 39 on the trail.  This block is called the Evergreen Block and represents the logging done in earlier days, with the purple and lavender bands representing the current vineyards there.  See this one at 34560 SW Johnson School Road, Cornelius, best viewed going west.

A variation on a Plaited Block, this Interlink Block spoke to John and Ginger McDonald as the name of their farm is Interlink Farms LLC.  Originally a dairy, the farm has been used for vegetable growing, but now is a thriving hazelnut orchard.  This one is #40, and is located at 30730 SW Simpson Road, Cornelius, just at the corner as you turn from Hwy 219. 

Sun Gold Farms is at 9500 NW Evers Road, Forest Grove.  This vibrant Sunflower block is on the east side of the barn, ready to welcome the sun each morning.  This one is #37.  Charlie and Vicki Hertel grow fresh market vegetables, fruits and nuts currently, although the farm was a dairy in the late 1800's and has been in the family since 1940. 

The Walta Farm, owned by Finegan Farms since 1993, grows sweet corn, green beans, wheat and clover in rotation. The block is the traditional Corn and Beans quilt block is #38.  See this one at 9500 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston, but it can also be seen from Hwy 47 just north of Gaston.  The barn, while no longer used, is old and of a "drive through" style, so that a team of horses could enter one end and out the other.  

Close up of the Corn and Beans Block.

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