Map of the Trail

Click on the brackets on the far right of the blue ribbon up top to enlarge and find Directions. Red pins are coming soon.

Photos are permitted from public property. Please be respectful of property owner’s privacy and refrain from entering private property without permission.


  1. Very cool and nice to see the photos!

  2. What do the symbols on the map mean? Which are private and public?

    1. Click on the brackets at the top right of the map and it will expand along with a legend.

  3. Visitors are welcome to take close up photos by asking at the front desk

  4. It would be great to have the locations numbered on this map and then a list of the Barn Quilts by number and address.
    A recommended sequence of viewing would also be appreciated.
    This is an example of what I'm talking about:
    Ellen Oba

  5. I Agree with the Obas - a printable map with suggested sequence would be fantastic.
    Make the explanations printable as well. Not everyone likes to travel with smart phone engaged.

  6. Agreed, if a volunteer is locatable to do such a job!!

  7. The Krause Farm map icon is not where it should be (on Johnson School road.

  8. There are maps with a suggested trail available. Check at local quilt shops and wineries with blocks listed on the online map.