Friday, November 18, 2016

Three Blocks Completed the 2016 Year

 And that makes a total of 30!

Zurbrugg block going up!
The Zurbrugg barn at 13365 NW Logie Trail, Hillsboro,
is sporting a Carpenter's Circle block.  Mr. Zurbrugg is
a contractor, so very appropriate for this family.

The Nussbaumer barn, located at 40500 NW Osterman Road, Forest Grove, is vibrant in shades of the sunset!  And that is what we named this block. 

Kerry VanderZanden chose a Butterfly block in memory of his mother, who enjoyed both butterflies and sunflowers.  Five generations of his family have lived on the farm land.  It is located at 2603 NW Hwy 47, Forest Grove.