Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gambella Century Farm

The Gambella Century Farm is at 24150 SW Tile Flat Road, Hillsboro.  This Rolling Star block is #53, and graces what used to be a dairy barn.  The colors used were chosen by the family members  -- the Washington State University "red" and the University of Oregon "yellow".  This is a football family!

Hunter Star Block at the Knox Farm

This stunning Hunter's Star Block is #52, and is on a lovely barn build in the 1920's or early 30's.  John Knox liked this block and said that his grandchildren like to hunt.  See this block at 5095 SW Fern Hill Road, Forest Grove.

The Patchwork Pig Block

The Patchwork Pig block at the Cedar Ridge Farm graces this wonderful old, but newly painted barn.  The hay bales in the border tell us that hay is stored here, and that the Harris family raises pigs for pork production.  You can see this one on your way to Tillamook, on Hwy 6, where Cedar Canyon Road intersects it.  For a closer view, turn onto Cedar Canyon Road and take the gravel road in front of the farm.