Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Oregon Trail Story

Lyle Spiesschaert's great-grandfather came from Illinois as a young boy via the Oregon Trail, arriving at Verboort in 1884. The farm itself was established at least 115 years ago.  Lyle still has the original covered wagon that made the trip in the 100 year old barn.   The new metal siding makes it seem much younger!  Also on that wagon was Father Herman Osterman, who founded the St. Mary's Home for Boys in Beaverton.  Drive slowly along Thatcher Rd. and look for the Covered Wagon block, an original design. 3150 NW Thatcher Rd, Forest Grove.



Star of Many Points

James Vuylsteke was given papers on his birthday last spring to fill out for a quilt block.  He had been wanting one, and his children found us and helped it become a reality.  The farm currently raises clover and grass seed, but originally had produced grain, hay and dairy cattle.  The block was a favorite of Colleen Vuylsteke's mother.  The block appears to be folding in and out, and is #24 on the trail. 
See it at 2500 NW Susbauer Rd., Cornelius.

St. Francis "Old Hall"

Number 20 on the Trail, this block found a home at the St. Francis Catholic Church's "Old Hall", built in the 1950's.  Carefully maintained, the building is used today as a place for charity quilting and food distribution as well as other church activities.  See it at 15659 SW Oregon St., Sherwood.

Circle of Family

Glencoe Farms, in existence for approximately 70 years, grows grass and clover seed primarily. Currently in the hands of the third generation of Coussens, they are Belgian descendants.  The block, Circle of Family, was chosen from a vintage quilt made by Roxanne Coussens mother.  See this one at 6325 NW Glencoe Rd, Hillsboro.  This brightly colored quilt block is # 22 on the trail.

Spectacular Sunflowers


The Harris' Blooming Farm is located at 4800 SW Golf Course Rd, Cornelius, OR 97113, but the best viewing is from Tongue Rd, near the Forest Hills Golf Course.
The barn was probably build in 1882. Originally a dairy, the second owner was a retired dentist and had an office in the barn. The dental equipment is currently at the Washington County Museum. The Harris family purchased the farm in 1977. Peggy Harris is an avid gardener and loved the idea of a block with flowers. This block is #22 on the trail.

A Blooming Hill Vineyard and the New York Connection

A New York Beauty block made it's appearance at the Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery.  We used the colors from the wine bottle's label and installed it on the barn where Jim has championship horses.  You can see this one, #21, at 5195 SW Hergert Rd, Cornelius. 

This 40 acre vineyard  supports a horse ranch and tasting room.  You will see this block as you drive up to the tasting room. 

Both Jim and Holly Witte are from the state of New York, so this block suggested itself.

North Star

Todd and Gail Humphrey chose a North Star block for their barn.  The family has an Underground Railway quilt whose blocks depict blocks displayed with "messages" for slaves who were escaping.  Gail was inspired by Harriet Tubman who helped many slaves on their way north.  The barn itself was built 75-100 years ago, and features a sort of "daylight basement".  See this one, #20, at 6800 SW Straughan Rd, Hillsboro.