What is a quilt barn block?

A quilt barn block is a painted plywood quilt block design, which is mounted or installed on a barn or other suitable building.

Where can I see the blocks?

Click on the map page of this site.  That map is interactive.  Click the brackets in the upper right corner to see the addresses.  Click on an address to see more details and a photo of the quilt block.

How do I get a block on my barn?

Contact us at info@westsidequilters.org or phone 503-433-4057.  We will get back to you with an Application Form and an Agreement Form.  The Steering Committee will look that over and decide if the barn (or other building) meets the guidelines we've determined to be optimal:  visible from a nearby road, barn or building in good repair, a place for drivers to get off the road for a photo, near or on an existing bike, wine or lavender trail, etc.  After a positive determination, we'll work with you to select a block and colors.  

What does the county require in terms of sign regulations?
  • Blocks placed must be outside the urban growth boundary.
  • Blocks may not be on a dwelling.
  • Blocks may not be illuminated.  (Yard lights are OK.)
  • WQG may not pay the barn owner to place a block on their barn.
  • Blocks must not be more than 8' x 8' in size.
  • Blocks may not protrude more than 6 inches from the surface of the barn.
  • Blocks must be hand painted. (Guild volunteers are painting.) 

How is the trail funded? 

Funding for the trail is from the Westside Quilters Guild, donations by individuals and groups and businesses, grants, and  fundraisers.  Westside Quilters Guild is a charitable 501(c)(3) corporation, and donations are eligible for a tax receipt.  No tax money will be used.  Donations may be made here.  See more about Westside Quilters Guild here. 

Will I need to pay for the block?

No.  That being said, we do accept donations.  (See above.)  Sites for quilt barn blocks are chosen without regard to whether a donation is made. 

I want to help.  What can I do?

Even if you are not a member of the Westside Quilters Guild, you can help.  We welcome interested community members to assist us with painting, planning, barn selection, and in other ways.  We provide a slide show presentation for your group upon request, and your group's endorsement is welcome.  Sponsoring a block or a partial block with funding is also an option. 

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