Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gambella Century Farm

The Gambella Century Farm is at 24150 SW Tile Flat Road, Hillsboro.  This Rolling Star block is #53, and graces what used to be a dairy barn.  The colors used were chosen by the family members  -- the Washington State University "red" and the University of Oregon "yellow".  This is a football family!

Hunter Star Block at the Knox Farm

This stunning Hunter's Star Block is #52, and is on a lovely barn build in the 1920's or early 30's.  John Knox liked this block and said that his grandchildren like to hunt.  See this block at 5095 SW Fern Hill Road, Forest Grove.

The Patchwork Pig Block

The Patchwork Pig block at the Cedar Ridge Farm graces this wonderful old, but newly painted barn.  The hay bales in the border tell us that hay is stored here, and that the Harris family raises pigs for pork production.  You can see this one on your way to Tillamook, on Hwy 6, where Cedar Canyon Road intersects it.  For a closer view, turn onto Cedar Canyon Road and take the gravel road in front of the farm.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Reichen Farm is Number 50

Number 50 is at the Reichen Farm, 8645 Old Cornelius Pass Rd, Hillsboro.  This bright block represents crops the farm grows: red for crimson clover, blues for the sky and blueberries, and the two golds for the grass seed and wheat.  They have a wonderful historic red house nearby as well.  Roy remembers building hay bale tunnels, rope swings and lots of other family events.  Now, they host an annual lively 4th of July family and neighbor picnic. 

# 49 is From an Heirloom Quilt

Number 49 is a Priscilla Block, and was inspired by a string-pieced heirloom quilt of Sam Van Dyke's family. The block was a birthday present from Sam's wife Lori last fall, but was just installed Friday.  Sam is the third generation on this farm founded by William Van Dyke.  They are working on a Century Farm status.  See this one going south on Hwy 47, looking east, just before you get to the Verboort exit on the round-about.  The address is 40926 NW Verboort Rd.

Monday, April 2, 2018

More Blocks Have Found Homes!

The Lewis daughters pose with their new block, "Field Corn", on the Flatland Farm.  #48 on the trail, it's mounted on a new barn, with a newly established farm.  The Lewis' grow field corn and this block reflects that.  You can see it traveling south on Hwy 47; its address is 45085 SW Patton Road, Gaston.

Flatland Farm barn with Field Corn block.

  Twin Oaks Nursery has a new Sunflower Block, and is at home with the other flowers and plants at the nursery.  It is located at 10990 SW River Road, Hillsboro and is #47 on the trail.  The barn dates from just after WWII, and is a "Government" Barn.  Veterans who had served at that time could get the barn design and some funds to build a barn from the government.  There are a few more in the county, can you spot one when you see it?

The Graf Barn owned by Jim & Terri Graf is nearly 100 years old and was originally a dairy barn.  After that, the farm grew flower bulbs.  Jim and Terri wanted a Flag Block which looks very handsome on this old barn and is # 46 on the trail. 
See it at 5700 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston.
#39 has moved to the front of the barn! 
It's on the Krause farm, at 34560 SW Johnson School Road, Cornelius. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Five More Make 45 Blocks on the Trail

Tweet Sanctuary is the name for this fun block at the Unger Place (10300 NW Gordon Road, Cornelius).  The site features cedar trees and lots of birds, so the red-winged blackbird feels at home here.  

AB Farms, home of Bill and Addy Hesse, 11920 SW River Road, Hillsboro, is the site of this stunning Lone Star Variation block.  They have a history with Texas and have family there, so a Lone Star seemed the perfect block for them.

Killin Wetlands is the site of this classic block, Doves in the Window.  Do you see the birds in the block?  Metro has refurbished this old dairy barn at 46280 NW Cedar Canyon Road, Banks. With work still to be done on the site, it will be a bird sanctuary and gathering place for people to observe and enjoy the wetland peat bog and birds.  Indeed, the day this was installed, we spotted an eagle high up in a tree!

Dave and Carole Rohrer see lots of geese in their area, so a choice of a "Chasing Geese" block seemed just the thing.  Dave also wanted to pay homage to the six Native American tribes who lived nearby.  This farm is located at 10229 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston.  The barn, originally built in the 1930's, blew down and was rebuilt in 1976.  The farm grew nursery apples, hay, cattle and sheep.

The Davidson Farm, 16511 NW Davidson Road, is an example of a typical farm in the 1930's.  Strawberries were raised here then, and now it is a woodlot.  Allison Rogers, a graphic artist, designed this original block, Pileated Woodpeckers.  Look carefully and you'll see the woodpeckers within it.  The building across the street was refurbished by Scott Rogers; it is the old Banks Schoolhouse.  The property has been in Scott's family since the early 1900's when great-uncle Pete Davidson and brother Chet Davidson owned it, and moved the Banks Schoolhouse to the current site.