Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hummel Farm. Moon Over Mountains is the name of this block, gracing the new shop at the Hummel Farm, at 30487 SW Egger Rd, Hillsboro.  Chosen because of the spectacular view from the farm site where they can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainer.  This depicts the four seasons as well.  The House on the property was moved to the site and expanded, but is 200 years old.  This block is best viewed from Egger Road, just after turning left off of Campbell Road.  Visibility is somewhat limited, so be cautious at the corner.

Claeys Farm.  #57 is an original block, the Farmall Tractor, designed by Marilyn Alexander.  The tractor has personal meaning to Jim Claeys, as his father had one, but it was sold when he died.  Jim wanted to find an old tractor and found one on Craigslist.  Imagine his surprise when he realized that it was the same tractor his dad had owned, complete with notes still with it that his father had written years ago!  See this one at 34210 NW Bagley Rd, Hillsboro.  It is best viewed going east on Wren Road.  Turn onto Bagley Rd, and look for a red/white building on the west side of Bagley Road.  It may also be viewed eastbound on Wren Road.

Santoro Century Farm, at 22050 SW Rosedale Road, Beaverton, features a Holstein cow.  This barn was built in 1916 and used as a dairy barn until 1977.  85-90 Holsteins were home here, and the farm produced its own grain and hay, as well as hazelnuts. The block, Maggie the Cow, is an original design used by permission of designer Cyrille Zellweger.  Best seen going east on Rosedale Rd., but use caution here as there is a curve in the road traffic visibility may be poor.  

Moore Family Homestead. This farm is relatively new, the barn being built in the 1990's.  It was originally housing a garage door company.  The block, Serene Sunset, represents the amazing sunsets seen to the west of them.  See this one at 42069 NW Purdin Road, Forest Grove.  It is best seen heading east on Purdin Road; there is a pull-off on the north side of the road where photos can be taken.

Lewis Century Farm, at 40035 NW Strohmayer Rd. Forest Grove.  This century farm founded in 1905, has one of the last prune dryers still operating.  Crops currently are prunes, hazelnuts and cherries.  The Forbidden Fruit Tree block colors represent the cherries and prunes still grown here, along with hazelnuts.   

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gambella Century Farm

The Gambella Century Farm is at 24150 SW Tile Flat Road, Hillsboro.  This Rolling Star block is #53, and graces what used to be a dairy barn.  The colors used were chosen by the family members  -- the Washington State University "red" and the University of Oregon "yellow".  This is a football family!

Hunter Star Block at the Knox Farm

This stunning Hunter's Star Block is #52, and is on a lovely barn build in the 1920's or early 30's.  John Knox liked this block and said that his grandchildren like to hunt.  See this block at 5095 SW Fern Hill Road, Forest Grove.